Air compressors are useful accessories that should not miss from anyone’s home or car. Advanced technologies allow manufacturers to create tiny air compressor models that fit anywhere, can be used at any-time and lately, are very quiet. Why would you need a portable air compressor? It’s simple. Imagine that you need to leave town and your tires need to be inflated or that you are in the middle of nowhere, having a flat tire.  It’s much more comfortable to inflate it yourself using such a portable device than to go to a gas station, service station or call someone who can do it for you at the most inappropriate time. There’s more: air compressors aren’t designed to inflate only your car’s tires, but also mattresses, balls, children’s swimming pools and any other inflatable items. For those of you who work next to an air compressor daily, everything gets more serious and you will surely need to look for the quietest one on the market.

Why should I care if it’s quiet or not?

As technology evolves, we evolve with it. It’s not that you cannot deal with a little bit of noise from time to time, when your tires or inflatable objects need to be inflated. You can, but it is best not to if there is a chance to work with a device that is eco-friendly, does not bother your neighbors and your family and makes you proud to own it. More than that, acoustic pollution isn’t healthy for anyone, so it’s simply easier and more comfortable to use a quiet air compressor.

What is the quietest portable air compressor?

First of all, how can you tell whether an air compressor is louder than the other one, next to it? Unless there is a huge noise difference between them, you cannot really tell which one is louder, because they are all noisy and annoying. Even so, it is important to work with the quietest one, for your own sake. You may not notice the difference, but your ears do. So how can you tell which one is the loudest?

When looking to buy a portable air compressor, you should look at each product’s specifications and check the noise level indicator or the number of decibels. Normally, all manufacturers should include that information on the product description label. It is almost impossible to make a list of all the quiet air compressors on the market, but here are a few of the most silent we have reviewed:

  • GMC Syclone 6310 has 60 db sound level
  • Rolair JC10 operates at 60 db
  • California Air Tools CAT – 6310 also operates at 60 db
  • Seco Pc1010n – 60 db sound level

These air compressors have low noise level comparing to other models available on the market that operate at 73 db such as the Senco PC1010 or Porter Cable C2002 – WK that operates at 82 db. If you are looking to buy a quiet air compressor, make sure that its noise level indicator stays below 70 db.