Men are the most predisposed to back injury, as they are the most likely to get jobs that involve lifting and carrying heavy objects. Driving or sitting at the desk may also affect the back muscles because of usual wrong postures, so a back brace is best for men involved in these activities. Intense workouts can also cause back pain, so you may also use a back brace for posture while jogging or going at the gym.

After a serious back injury or any surgical procedures, your back muscles and spine will need a strong support to help with recovery, so a back brace is commonly used to help patients gain mobility faster.

As there are so many types of back braces, here are some key feature to help you choose the best one for your specific needs:

  • Fabric

Each fabric has its own characteristics and advantages, which are helpful in different back problems. For example, neoprene is able to keep heat in and is very flexible, while some back braces feature anti-bacterial wicking for a more strict hygiene.

  • Shape and size

Back braces for men and women may seem the same, but every back problem requires a specific brace shape and it is extremely important that you choose the right size for your own body. To achieve the best support and mobility, you have to feel comfortable while wearing it, so it is best to try it on before acquiring any back brace. Your physician may recommend the best brace for your back problem.

  • Flexibility or stiffness

Back braces for men who work with heavy objects must assure proper sustaining of the spine and muscles to avoid back injury, so a stiffer brace may be necessary. Those who had undergone back surgery will need even stiffer back braces. On the other hand, a person who works in an office or drives all day long may use a lighter, more flexible brace if they only need to have a right posture.

  • Cool and warm inserts

Depending on the source of your back pain, heat or cold may help relieve it faster, so you may want to look for back braces with warm or cool inserts in the fabric.

  • Color

Color may not seem a key feature, but it is a good aspect in a back brace for men who use it in dirty or dusty work areas. Of course, most braces are washable by hand, but it may take a while to constantly wash a light colored one, so it’s  best to choose a darker brace for these activities.

Always get a qualified diagnosis for your back problem and only rely on your doctor’s recommendations when getting a back brace, and also practice a correct posture. Don’t just rely on your back brace to help you with lifting heavy objects, but practice safe lifting techniques, even while wearing it.