Modern rowing machines are some of the best inventions in the fitness world. They are complex machines that help people work out their entire body while imitating classic rowing movements. The great thing about rowing machines is that they can not only be used at the gym, but also at home. There are plenty of such products available for home use that can turn a busy person’s life into a healthier one. Although, buying a rowing machine for home use is not as easy as it seems. The multitude of models, features and technologies can confuse someone who buys one for the first time. This article is meant to offer a wide perspective over the most important things that buyers should consider before deciding to get a specific model.

1. Set a budget – Analyze the market and see what you can afford. Then check out the technical specifications that you need and search again. You might be surprised to see that there are plenty of affordable rowing machines that include a bunch of features.
2. Decide whether you need a folding or a fixed rowing machine – these are the two main categories of rowing machines. If you have a lot of space available, you can opt for a fixed machine and eliminate the need of folding and unfolding the machine every time you want to work out. If you have limited space available, then you will better choose a folding one. Usually, folding rowing machines are easy to fold and store, so you won’t have to worry about that.
3. Decide which technology is best for you – rowing machines manufacturers have discovered multiple ways to develop useful devices in order to offer users authentic experiences. You can choose between water, air, hydraulic or magnetic rowing machines.
4. Check out the rowing machine’s materials – a high quality rowing machine has a sturdy construction and a proper structure that will make rowing comfortable for you. Although home rowing machines are not supposed to be as heavy and complex as gym ones, heavy duty materials are preferred.
5. Check the manufacturer’s warranty – No matter how sturdy a home rowing machine seems, the warranty is extremely important, as you never know what can happen. A manufacturing defect can be discovered, a piece of the machine can be missing or it can function differently from what it is supposed to. Most rowing machines for home use have limited warranty but there are also machines that come with lifetime warranty or unlimited warranty. Choose the best option for you and enjoy your healthy lifestyle as much as possible.
Rowing machines for home use have appealing designs and are able to monitor a wide variety of data. Giving the fact that computers and mobile technologies are being used more and more, you can opt for rowing machines that can be connected with your computer or your phone in order to record the data from its tracker. This way, you will know exactly what your performance is.