The modern society and mobile technologies we use every day force us to live fast and ignore some aspects of our health. If in the past, people used to exercise daily, not just 30 minutes or one hour, but continuously, due to the nature of their work, today’s jobs require less physical activity and more brain activity. Nowadays, people think that exercising for one hour a day is more than enough and people who go the gym three times a week think that they have a fantastic lifestyle. Of course, it is better than nothing, but comparing to the amount of time that we spend sitting down at a desk, in a car or standing up attending customers, our physical activity is almost inexistent. This is the main reason why it is advertised that we should work out at least three times a week, but that does not mean that it is enough.

Why is a rowing machine recommended?

Unlike other fitness machines that are designed to help you build muscles in a certain body part, the rowing machine is meant to put your entire body to work. Except for being one of the best machines for cardio exercise, it can help in the process of losing weight. Due to the fact that all the muscles in your body are active, one can lose approximatively 377 calories in only 30 minutes. Also, it is recommended for those who wish to improve their health by maintaining a high speed rate. The lungs, the heart and the circulatory system, they all benefit from this type of exercise.

Rowing machines are great for muscle toning, even though you might not feel that half an hour of sitting down and pulling a handle helps too much. Legs, hips, buttocks, the upper body muscles, the back, shoulders and the arms, are all involved in the action of rowing. More than that, it has been scientifically proved that rowing can help reduce stress and depression.

Should I use it every day?

The answer to this question is definitely “yes”. If you have an indoor rower for home use and you have the time to exercise every day, you should do it without thinking too much about it. Rowing can be done while watching TV, while learning from video applications, are easy to transport and can be even transported to your vacation house when needed. The only situation in which you should not practice indoor rowing every day is when you do not feel comfortable because of a health condition such as lower back pain, hip pain, rounded shoulder and others.

Although the rowing machine is highly appreciated by both sport experts and amateurs, it should be noted that rowing for too long is not recommended. Sessions between 20 and 40 minutes are enough for all people. Regardless of how confident and powerful you feel, do not try to prove to yourself that you can do better, because you can end up waking up useless in the morning.