Standing in front of the mirror in the morning using a traditional curling iron can be tedious, time-consuming and lead to unwanted heat clamp lines in your curls. An automatic hair curler is a more convenient, fast and natural-looking option to get gorgeous, bouncy curls.

The number one hair style all over the red carpet, magazines, fashion ads, television, movies and Pinterest is the sexy, messy, “just woke up” curls that seem effortless and natural. However, these curls can be hard to achieve with a traditional curling iron or straightener. Using an automatic hair curler can help you achieve this look in half the time of a traditional curler and also result in a sexy look that will last all day.

Automatic hair curlers have a fast heat time (some can heat up to 300 degrees in under one minute) so mornings aren’t spent waiting for your curling iron to heat up before use. Once heated (using the low heat setting on the automatic hair curler for a more natural look), clamp your hair into the barrel (I recommend a ¾ inch barrel for a more natural curl) and allow the curler to automatically wrap your hair around the barrel chamber. The barrel chamber will rotate your hair, giving it a natural and flowy curl without the clamp that traditional curling irons leave. The low heat setting combined with the rotating barrel will allow the curl to come out softer and more natural.

Most brands of automatic hair curlers have an automatic beep that sounds to notify you to release the hair from the chamber. The directions that come with the curler will suggest waiting for the beep before releasing the curl, but this may lead to a “Shirley Temple” curl look that is unnatural and leave tight ringlets if the wait time is too long. I suggest only a couple seconds (five at the most) of hold time before releasing for a softer, beach-like curl. Ensure to only put small sections of hair in the curler at a time, one to two inch sections, as trying to stuff too large of sections into the chamber may lead to a kinked or frazzled look.

Most automatic hair curlers have a sensor to know when too much hair is in the chamber and it won’t allow you to continue. Try using different amounts and sections for a more natural curl. You do not want the look of strategically sectioned and perfectly placed curl as it is unnatural and child-like. Also ensure you find the right brand that is easy to use. Some come with actual cardboard cutouts that reflect the exact amount of hair you’re supposed to section off. An automatic hair curler is supposed to take the stress out of curls, not add extra steps by measuring your hair with a piece of cardboard! As long as you stick to a one to two inch section of hair, you’ll easily achieve a natural, full hairstyle in half the time of a traditional curling iron. People will definitely stop to ask you how you achieved such a gorgeous look!