Window car sun shades are generally used during the summer by the majority of car owners, but they represent a practical solution against powerful sun light and heat during all seasons. The sun shades are meant to shade a vehicle’s interior, protecting it from extreme heat, especially during summer, when entering your car after staying in the sun for a few hours can be a real disaster. Window car sun shades, unlike classic sun shades, protect passengers who sit in the back of the car from harmful ultraviolet rays.

It is important to keep the interior of your car comfortable for all passengers in order to keep everybody safe and ensure that you can drive silently. High temperatures can be disturbing for most people, especially for children. Car window sun shades can be easily placed on windows without using adhesives. They can be made of various materials and depending on the manufacturer, they can block a certain percentage of rays.

Most car window sun shades are universal, which means that they fit almost any window size and type, although, if your windows are extremely large, you should look for larger sizes and properly install them, making sure they do not fall off. Adults are better at resisting at high temperature than children, which is why it is extremely important to keep this aspect in mind, especially if you drive with your babies in the car.

The market offers a wide variety of sun shades for baby, which is a good thing on one side, giving the fact that you can find affordable and easy to install products right away. On the other side, giving the fact that so many models are available, it is hard to decide which one to buy and even harder to know which one is right for you and your baby’s protection.

More than looking for a simple sun shade, during the summer you also need to be careful when choosing the right windshield sun shade that will protect your car and your health throughout the hot season. Without one, your car will be similar to a hot oven and you will end up feeling really uncomfortable due to high temperature, sweat, burning windows, chairs, wheel and more.

When the time comes to look for a car sun shade, try to carefully read the instructions and compatibility with car models on the back. Also, make sure that the car sun shade is thick and able to block sun rays in the most effective way possible. Even so, it might be hard to get to a conclusion. This is the main reason why we have decided to write this article on sun shades for baby and windshield sun shade. We have reviewed 10 of the best-selling products on the market, analysing their pros and cons. The price, the material quality, thickness and ability to protect against UV rays are some of the most important factors we have taken into consideration when reviewing these 10 products.

1. Car Sun Shade by Enovoe

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This set of car sun shades contains 2 packs of shades that are easily applicable. They do not require suction cups and are only weigh 1.6 ounces. Despite the fact that they are lightweight, they seem durable and resistant. They fit most car windows and according to the manufacturer, they block 97% of harmful UV rays, which cannot be proved by the user, but the product really blocks a great amount of rays.

These sun shades by Enovoe are easy to twist and fold and they occupy tiny space when it comes to storage. Basically, they can be left untouched on the windows, without having to remove them every time you get out of the car.

What’s to like about Car Sun Shades by Enovoe?
  • Are lightweight
  • The package includes a free e-book on child safety
  • A premium black storage pouch is included in the package
  • Product has lifetime warranty
What’s not to like:
  • Sun still gets through in cars with large windows

2. Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades

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The Britax Cling sun shades are easy to install, have a cling design that is quite rare and is very lightweight. It can be easily taken on and off in case you need to open the window and it has UPF 30 plus sun protection, which is ideal for the children. Its size is of 19 x 12 inches and has sturdy frames that are almost impossible to break or cut while installing them.

The package includes two Britax-EZ cling window car sun shades that are ideal for babies who stay in the back of the car, protecting them from UV rays and heat. The entire package weighs 4.5 ounces. Even though the product has plenty of advantages, some customers have been complaining about the sun shades falling off over 80 degrees F.

What’s to like about Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades?
  • Package includes 2 sun shades
  • Is lightweight
  • Has a unique cling design
  • Can be easily stored
What’s not to like:
  • Might fall off over 80 degrees F

3. Kogno Car Window Sun Shade

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The Kogno Car Window sun shades is a set of two that protects against UV rays and heat, have attached suction cups that resist even at high temperatures. The product is made of a thick mesh fabric and has sturdy frames , but they do not affect the driver’s visibility. The great thing about this product is that the manufacturer offers lifetime money back guarantee.

Kogno car window sun shades are suitable for most vehicles out there, but if they are too large or too small for yours, you will get your money back. The product is affordable, lightweight and easy to install. Its size of 17 x 14 inches allows the user to place them in the seat pocket or anywhere else in the car.

What’s to like about Kogno Car Window Sun Shade?
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Is lightweight
  • Has suction cups
  • Is made of thick mesh fabric
  • Is suitable for all vehicle models
What’s not to like:
  • It can be hard to see out through these sun shades

4. Car Window Shade by Jomolly

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These car window shades are truly amazing thanks to their funny, childish designs that are ideal for children who stay in the back of the car. Even though it gets hard to see through them while driving, children don’t get bored, as they get to watch cartoon characters and are being kept busy.

The product provides good protection against sun rays, it can be installed with suction cups and it has 90 days warranty. It is made of thick nylon mesh fabric and reduces heat next to the window seat. The package includes a bonus bag for storage which is quite cool.

What’s to like about Car Window Shade by Jomolly?
  • Has great custom design
  • Is compatible with most car models
  • Has 90 days warranty
  • Is easy to install
What’s not to like:
  • It is a bit more expensive than other similar models on the market

5. BRICA Pop Open Cling Window Shade

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These window car sun shades come in sets of two, are able to block 90% of UV rays, according to the manufacturer and have a lightweight design that allows the user to easily fold it and store it. These sun shades are larger than most similar products on the market, have a 13 x 20 inches size and offering a maximum coverage.

This product is made of dual layer mesh and offers great protection, while seeing through is possible when driving. They can be installed on windows with the help of clings, but it is recommendable to apply them when temperature is above 45 degrees F.

What’s to like about BRICA Pop Open Cling Window Shade?
  • Is lightweight
  • Is inexpensive
  • Is thick and blocks most rays
  • Has wide coverage
  • Children can easily see through
What’s not to like:
  • Some sun shades might arrive wrinkled

6. Easy Stick Window Sun Shades by Starlight and Sunny

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These sun shades are inexpensive, have a simple and compact design and are ideal for children or pets. They can be easily installed using suction cups that are being provided by the manufacturer. More than that, the package includes extra suction cups. This product offers SPF 30, is lightweight, yet thick and allows children to see through, thanks to its design.

These sun shades’ size of 17 x 14 inches does not cover the entire window surface, which is why they are suitable mostly for cars with smaller windows or vans. They are easy to install but it is recommendable to add a cup of hot water on the window before applying them, just to be sure they do not fall off.

What’s to like about Easy Stick Window Sun Shade by Starlight and Sunny?
  • They come in sets of two
  • Have SPF 30
  • Apply with clings
  • Are inexpensive
  • Have extra suction cups
What’s not to like:
  • Need warm water to pinch correctly

7. Car Sun Shade by X-Shade

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These window car sun shades have a unique cling design that makes them very easy to install and take off, they come in sets of two and they are made of mesh fabric material with UPF 25+. They are great for the back seat window, as they offer good visibility, yet are thick and protect against heat and sun rays.

Their size of 17 x 14 does not offer full coverage, but the sun shades are still practical and essential when children or pets sit on back seats. They weigh 3.2 ounces, offer great visibility and the suction cups can be placed easily regardless of the temperature. The sun shades’ frames are sturdy.

What’s to like about Car Sun Shade by X-Shade?
  • Suction cups work perfectly
  • Offers great visibility
  • Is inexpensive
  • 30 day Money back guarantee from manufacturer
What’s not to like:
  • Does not cover the entire window

8. Car Sun Shade by Freddie and Sebbie

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The car sun shade by Freddie and Sebbie comes in sets of two, offers good visibility and have solid frames. It fits most car models and is made of heavy-duty, reinforced wire frame and a dual layer of mesh fabric and PVC material. More than that, it has UPF 30 + sun protection and covers a wide surface of the window thanks to its size of 19 x 12 inch. Its width is larger than most similar products, which makes it suitable for larger window cars.

These car sun shades are easy to install and come with 4 suction cups and a nice pouch for storage, although they can be folded and stored in the back pocket of the front seat, too. The manufacturer offers free replacement lifetime warranty.

What’s to like about Car Sun Shade by Freddie and Sebbie?
  • Is made of heavy-duty and reinforced frame
  • Is wider than other sun shades
  • Has 4 suction cups
  • Has lifetime replacement warranty
What’s not to like:
  • Is not tall enough

9. 2 Pack Auto Sunshades by Bumblebee Babez

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These sunshades also come in sets of two, but offer excellent visibility, thanks to their almost transparent design. Are inexpensive comparing to other similar products on the market and can be easily installed thanks to the included suction cups. Their size of 17 x 14 is standard and fits most vehicle models, but does not offer full coverage.

These sunshades’ suction cups need to be kept in hot water for a few minutes before applying them on car windows. Also, window cars need to be extremely clean before installing these sun shades. The manufacturer offers lifetime replacement guarantee if they do not fit or do not protect against sun rays.

What’s to like about 2 Pack Auto Sunshades by Bumblebee Babez?
  • Are inexpensive
  • Offer excellent visibility
  • Include extra suction cups
  • Package includes pouch
What’s not to like:
  • Suction cups can only be applied after leaving in hot water

10. Car Sun Shade by Kassa

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The car sun shades by Kassa come in sets of two, offer UPF 30+ sun protection and can be easily installed using a practical cling. Their size is quite small when folded, only 6 x 4.6 inches, but is advantageous for those who have tiny car windows. For example, two-door vehicles have smaller windows in the back than regular cars.

These car sun shades’ package includes a free carrying pouch and they can be easily folded and stored anywhere in the car. Lifetime warranty is included, but limited. Its size of 19 x 12 when fully open is also suitable for larger car windows.

What’s to like about Car Sun Shade by Kassa?
  • Limited lifetime warranty is offered
  • Has UPF 30+ protection
  • Installs easily using a cling
  • Is wider than other car sun shades
What’s not to like:
  • They might come wrinkled