Are you one of those people who enjoy doing home improvement work on your own? If yes, you are probably passionate about woodworking, metalworking and constructions.

If that is the case, a band saw is what you need to get the job done properly. Band saws are great power tools that can be used for metal cutting, timber cutting and even meat cutting.

Their main advantage is that they give you the ability to cut irregular shapes and curved lines. This means that it will become way easier for you to repair, maintain or create your own furniture pieces, shelves and many more.

If you are a professional woodworker or metalworker, you probably know how useful such a tool can be on a daily basis.

What to look for in a bandsaw?

Buying the perfect band saw for your needs can be quite a challenge. They all look approximately the same, but they come at different prices. Some are much pricier than others and have a whole different set of specifications.

First of all, you should decide whether or not you need a two-wheeled or a  three-wheeled band saw. This is an extremely versatile power tool, but you must be sure that it will suit your needs.

Your decision should be influenced by the purpose of use of your new next bandsaw. For example, you will want to buy a quieter machine if you will be using it on a daily basis, but the noise won’t matter that much if you are planning on using it occasionally.

Also, if you are looking to cut perfect pieces for furniture you will need the best band saw out there that can help you cut large pieces smoothly.

A band saw’s size, portability and motor are some of the most important things that you should be looking for.

Check out our 10 product reviews below to see the pros and cons of the 10 best-selling band saws that the market has to offer.

1. SKIL 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

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Skil’s band saw is a power tool that was designed to make straight and accurate cuts. It can be bought at $120 and buyers will get a tool that is powered by a 2.5 AMP motor.

There are no multiple speeds, but it is ideal for woodworking and metalworking. Its 12x 11-3/4 inches pinion table and rack can be adjusted as desired in order to obtain perfect cuts.

It has a 1/8 to 3/8 inches x 59-1/4 to 59-1/2 inches blade, a well-lit working area thanks to the LED light and a bump-off switch that will help you work safely. Also, it includes a dust port for clean working. The good news is that this product is covered by a 3-year warranty.

What’s to like about SKIL 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw?
  • Is affordable
  • It can be bolted down to a table
  • It cuts 3-1/2 inches deep
  • Has a 2.5 AMP motor
  • Is suitable for hobbyists
  • Is not too noisy
  • Is covered by a 3-year warranty
What’s not to like?
  • Only has 1 speed
  • Is not suitable for professional use

2. DEWALT DCS371B MAX Lithium-Ion

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Dewalt’s band saw is medium-priced and has a gorgeous design. It can be bought at slightly over $200 but it has plenty of advantages. It is suitable for hobbyists who want to obtain great results easily.

It can make 2-1/2 inches cuts, it has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and comes with a hang hook. Also, it has a blade tracking system that can be adjusted.

It is equipped with an LED light that helps you work on a well-lit area. The blade can be removed and replaced without using any tools thanks to its lever. It has a cutting speed of 570 fpm and a blade length of 32-7/8 inches.

What’s to like about DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion?
  • Is medium-priced
  • Is nicely designed
  • Includes a blade tracking wrench and a kit bag
  • Is suitable for newbies
  • Is extremely lightweight
  • Is equipped with an LED light
  • Is cordless
  • Is covered by a 3-year limited warranty
  • Has 90-days money back guarantee
What’s not to like?
  • Is a bit expensive for a beginner’s band saw

3. POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw

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This band saw from Powertec is an affordable, sturdy power tool that helps you get accurate cuts in no time. It is powerful, it has a 9-inch deep throat and can make 3 to 5 inches deep cuts.

Its 2.5 AMP motor with 1725 rotations per minute is suitable for all sorts of materials. The noise it makes isn’t disturbing, although it can be easily heard. Its parts can be easily removed and replaced, which is why maintenance is a breeze.

This band saw’s table supports up to 50 pounds and can tilt up to 45 degrees downwards. It is made of cast aluminum, it is durable and lightweight. The bad news is that it is only covered by a 1-year warranty.

What’s to like about POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw?
  • Is affordable
  • Has an easy-to-use design
  • Can be used to cut plastic, metal and wood
  • Is sturdy
  • Blade tension works impeccably
  • Is lightweight
  • Is made of aluminum
  • Is easy to maintain

What’s not to like?

  • Can’t be used with large pieces of material
  • Doesn’t have a protective cover
  • Is only covered by limited warranty for 1 year

4. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence

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Rikon’s band saw is more expensive than the two previous products. It can be bought at $250 and comes with plenty of advantages. It is made of solid steel and is ideal for woodworkers who need a heavy duty machine for small projects.

Is sturdy and durable, has a 9 -5/8 inches throat and can make maximum cuts of 4-15/16 inches. The blade’s length of 70-1/2 inches and width of 1/8 to ½ inches are suitable for almost all projects.

The band saw’s table can tilt up to 45 degrees. It has a 3.5 AMP motor, which is more powerful than the previous models.

What’s to like about Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence?
  • Is made of steel
  • Is durable and sturdy
  • Is suitable for projects that involve intensive work
  • Has balanced wheels
  • Is not noisy
  • Its mechanism is easy to remove
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Is covered by a 5-year warranty
What’s not to like?
  • Is difficult to work with unless it is bolted to a work table
  • Requires an extended budget

5. Delta 28-400 Band Saw

This is the most expensive band saw on this product list and although it is more expensive than most newbies can afford, it does come with some great advantages.

This band saw is recommended for professional use, but it can also be used by hobbyists with a little practice. It is equipped with a 1HP motor, has 2 speeds and is suitable for wood and non-ferrous metal materials.

It has an easy-tensioning system, it is made of aluminum and has a rubber level. Also, it is equipped with 9 balanced spoke wheels that allow the user to make precise cuts that can be easily tracked.

Its table tilts at 45 degrees with 3 degrees increments.

What’s to like about Delta 28-400 Band Saw?
  • Is easy to use
  • Is durable and sturdy
  • Includes a dust port
  • Works with standard 93-1/2 inch blade
  • Is made of aluminum
  • Has powerful motor
  • Is covered by a 5-year warranty
What’s not to like?
  • Is expensive
  • Is heavy

6. Grizzly G0555LANV 14 Deluxe Bandsaw

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This is definitely not a low-budget band saw and is recommended for professional use. The anniversary edition can be bought at $545 and comes in a color scheme that you will most likely fall in love with.

It is made of cast iron frame, includes a cast iron table, and has balanced wheels and a T-shape fence. It includes a 4-inch dust port and a 3/8-inch blade.

The band saw’s motor of 1 HP is suitable for most projects, as well as its table that tilts 45 degrees downwards. It can make cuts up to 6 inches thanks to its 93-1/2 inches blade. Although it is a sturdy, advanced band saw, it can’t be easily transported due to its 270 pound weight.

What’s to like about Grizzly G0555LANV 14-Inch Deluxe Bandsaw, Anniversary Edition?
  • Has a great design
  • Is sturdy
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Comes with a dust port
  • Makes cuts up to 6 inches
  • Has a large working table that tilts at 45 degrees
What’s not to like?
  • Is covered by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Is quite heavy

7. Rockwell RK7453 Band Saw

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If you need a band saw that is both affordable and nicely designed and you don’t want to make a large investment, than this product is most likely what you are looking for. It can be bought at slightly under $180, it is lightweight, portable and durable.

Its table top is made of cast aluminum and has a nice working light that can be adjusted thanks to its flexible head. It can make 3-1/8 inches cuts into metal and wood.

Rockwell’s band saw has 2.5 AMP motor and an adjustable table, which makes it suitable for almost any project. It also includes a miter gauge and a hex key. Its warranty covers it for 2 years.

What’s to like about Rockwell RK7453 Band Saw?
  • Is inexpensive
  • Is sturdy
  • Has powerful motor
  • Table is made of cast aluminum
  • Has adjustable worklight
  • Includes a miter gauge and a hex key
  • Has 2 –year limited warranty
  • Includes a blade adjustment guide
What’s not to like?
  • It is quite difficult to set up
  • It is not suitable for intensive work

8. Jet JWBS-10OS Band Saw with Stand

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This band saw from Jet is affordable, has a compact design and is equipped with a ½ HP induction motor. Is suitable for metal and wood cutting and comes with a retractable, larger table that is made of cast iron.

This band saw’s construction looks sturdy and its poy V-belt drive technology helps transfer the power from the motor to the blade. Therefore, the vibrations are reduced and the machine makes less noise.

Also, it has an LED work light that ensures the quality of your work regardless of the environment. It is not as light as other similar band saws at its 75-pound weight, but it is easy to work with. The good thing is that it is covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

What’s to like about Jet JWBS-10OS Band Saw with Stand?
  • Is inexpensive
  • Has a compact design
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Has a retractable table
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Is sturdy
  • Includes a stand
  • Has a 3-year limited warranty
What’s not to like?
  • Is a bit heavier than other similar products

9. Ryobi ZRBS904G 2.5 Amp Portable Band Saw

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Ryobi’s reconditioned band saw costs around $120, has a nice design, a dust port and a blade guide adjustment that helps you choose the best option for your project. It is equipped with a 2.5 AMP motor that is powerful enough for wood and metal cutting.

It only weighs 37.3 pounds, which makes it easy to transport when required. This band saw’s table has an 11-3/4 x 11-3/4 inches size and a 2-1/2 inch dust port.

The length of the blade is 1/8 to 3/8 inches and the speed of the blade is of 2460 SFM. It can come with cosmetic flaws due to its refurbishes state.

What’s to like about Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi ZRBS904G Band Saw?
  • Is affordable
  • Is lightweight
  • Has an nice design
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Includes a dust port
  • Has a blade guard
  • Comes with a blade guide adjustment knob
What’s not to like?
  • Is refurbished, so it may come with aesthetic flaws

10. Studio Pro Precision 2000 Bandsaw

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This band saw is a bit more expensive than the average. It can be bought at $263, it comes with a quiet 1/8 HP motor and is suitable for both dry cuts and wet cuts. It includes a diamond blade for wet cuts and is ideal for projects that require detailed work.

Its frame and walls are made of aluminum. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty, although it doesn’t seem very sturdy at a first glance.

This machine can be used to cut wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tiles, Plexiglas and many more. It is extremely lightweight and it can be transported easily, but it is not suitable for larger projects. Also, it doesn’t come with a working light.

What’s to like about Studio Pro Precision 2000 Wet/Dry Bandsaw with Diamond and Wood Blades?

  • Is affordable
  • Is quiet
  • Is nicely designed
  • Is easy to use
  • Can cut all sorts of materials
  • Is suitable for small projects
  • Is lightweight
  • Frame and walls are made of aluminum
  • Can be used for both dry and wet cuts
  • Is covered by a 3-year limited warranty

What’s not to like?

  • Is not suitable for larger projects
  • Maximum cutting thickness is only 1-3/4 inches

Having a band saw in your garage can be very useful for every-day home improvement jobs or for DIY projects. Also, it is an essential power tool for a professional woodworker or metalworker.

However, a band saw can be used in a variety of other applications as it can cut plenty of other materials. How much you will be investing in such a tool is up to you, depending on your expertize, budget and purpose of use.