A good posture is a must for overall good health. When you stand with good posture, in an upright and tall position, you appear thinner and even a little taller. It also helps your breathing as your lungs are not crowded in a hunched area.  A posture brace is ideal to correct these issues and relieve any pain caused by daily activities. Just think of how good you would feel standing a little taller and straighter without that stressful tension on your neck and shoulders!

Here is our top 10 best posture braces reviews that can help you get the best brace for your needs at the lowest price on the market.

What is a posture brace?

It is a device that is worn to pull your shoulders back to give you proper spinal support and assist with everyday strain. They are mainly designed to support the upper back and shoulders. A posture brace is an excellent and effortless resource to assist with bad posture that can be created from constant, daily computer usage and other daily activities even including casual walking. Poor posture can result in persistent back, shoulder and neck pain as well as result in a displeasing aesthetic appearance.

What are the benefits of wearing a posture brace?

Wearing one will keep your back and shoulders in an upright position, which is known to be the best posture for the body. The brace is made up of an elastic material that gets strapped to the patient’s back, providing the resistance needed to hold the entire body straight.

With use, your muscles will grow strong enough to be in a good posture by themselves, and you would not need to use a brace anymore. This is how the posture brace goes from being a “posture support brace” to a “posture corrective brace”.

Initially, this device is used only for support. With time and continuous use, it can help correct the bad posture habits of the person.

Remember, prolonged use of the posture braces can prove to be a cause of discomfort.

Posture braces can be worn at all times and is made out of a comfortable material. They can be worn while working out, sitting at a desk all day or even out shopping. A brace can be worn under or over clothing, but most users typically wear it under their daily garments.

The brace supports your back to be pulled taller and straighter, correcting poor posture. This assists in relieving pain, it allows you to breathe better and deeper, it realigns your spine to its correct position and alleviates the issue of possible “humpback” or stooped shoulders.

If you have a job where you’re constantly staring at a computer or sitting for extended period of times, a posture brace can relieve a lot of the tension and pain in your shoulders, neck and back area. Over a prolong amount of time, these daily activities can result in loss muscle tone and can hunch the shoulders forward, resulting in even more pain and a slouched look. It can correct this damaged posture, that has been deteriorating over time, by assisting your spine to be correctly positioned while working, exercising and participating in daily activities.Also, it can allow for your muscles and spine to align upright properly without any effort from you.  Pairing a well-fit posture brace with daily back muscle exercises is an excellent combination to correct the worst of postures.

However, the product you choose should be suitable for your needs. While reviewing a posture brace, it is important to take into consideration the material used in its manufacturing, the purpose that it serves and the price that it is available for.

1. The Comfort Posture Corrector Brace

The Comfort Posture Corrector Brace is an excellent fit for those suffering from spinal issues including kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis, winged scapula and lordosis. It can be worn as a rehabilitation piece to assist with post-back surgery pain and posture correction. The particular brand of posture corrective brace is exceptionally reputable as it has been manufactured for 15 years with specific orthopedic design and skill. This one only needs to be worn three to four hours daily, but is recommended to be worn at least four hours per day if you have a computer or desk job that is causing muscle deterioration from slouching and sitting all day. It is easy to use and ease into, only needed 15 minutes per day at first until your shoulders and muscles align with being pulled back into the correct spinal alignment. It is a very comfortable brace, able to be worn under clothes unnoticeable.

While this is a very comfortable brace and goes unnoticed to most wearers, those who are suffering from weight issues may have discomfort wearing this brace.

2. The ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace

The ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace is perfect for those who need assistance with their sciatica, scoliosis or even a herniated disc. This is the by far the most comfortable posture support back brace on the market, as it adjusts and hugs to your body specifics and is customized for proper spinal support and compression. It is notable for its lumbar pad and has easy grip handles that make putting on the brace exceptionally easy.

This back brace is excellent in relieving back pain naturally and correcting slouched posture. It is guaranteed to help with soreness and tension in the back, shoulders and neck by comfortably correcting your posture.

Some users found the ComfyMed Back Brace weighed a little more than they were comfortable with. However, if you are adamant about ordering the correct size and putting on the brace correctly by the directions included, you most likely will not have this problem.

3. The StabilityAce Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace

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The StabilityAce Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace is a solid support outlet for anyone that has had shoulder or back surgery and even those that are simply in need of assistance in rehabilitation and correcting his or her posture. This is a comfortable brace, soft in nature and built comfortably with foam and velvet padding. This brace is especially beneficial from users that have sustained a clavicular fracture and those who are looking to correct their posture. This is a lightweight, breathable brace designed to fit most adult men and women. It comes in a variety of sizes, however, to fit appropriately and result in a comfortable way to align and stabilize your spine. Having a straight, correct spine will result in a healthy, tall posture and pain-free day-to-day living.

The first time you wear this brace, you may need assistance putting it on. After that, however, it should be very user friendly and adaptable to your measurements.

4. Back Flex Lumbar Brace

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Back Flex Lumbar Brace by BioSkin is the go-to posture support back brace recommended by both doctors and chiropractors alike. It has been proven effective through numerous studies to correct posture and to alleviate the tension and weight put on the lumbar area of the back. It corrects the position of the spinal discs resulting in an upright, tall posture that is critical for a healthy spine and lung support. This brace is unique in that it comes with hot and cold therapy gel pads to alleviate pain as it adjusts your spine to the correct position. The cinching mechanism in this unique design makes it user friendly to put on and allow the brace to do the work for you. It pulls the flexible panel into the lower lumbar region of your spine to support stressed areas. It is an ideal product for those suffering from lower back pain.

This brace is targeted only for lower back pain and posture. This will not help with slouched shoulders and upper back and neck pain.

5. Oppo Medical Elastic Posture Aid

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The Oppo Medical Elastic is a unisex product, and works wonders when it comes to correcting poor posture and slump of the shoulder. It is extremely easy to put on. You can work, go jogging, play golf and even exercise while wearing it, as it offers constant posture correction. The brace is designed to align your bones and joints, so that the collarbone fractures can be alleviated. The brace is also an answer to the round shoulder problems of patients. The adjustable hooks and loops allow perfect fitting of the brace on the body.

Available in 7 different sizes ranging from Small to XXX-Large, it is available on Amazon at a very low price.

6. Cincher Tan Women’s Back Support

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The Original Cincher Back Support from FLA Orthopaedic Braces is made up of High-density power mesh and can be easily worn under clothes or even above casual wear. Specially designed to fit the needs of a female body, the vertical support system supports the vertebrae of the female body including the lower back. The posture is improved by compressing the abdomen and lower back. The adjustable shoulder strap and hook-and-loop design of the brace allow it to fit onto your body.

This posture brace, topped up with nylon and spandex, can be bought from Amaozn and is available in a whopping 13 size options. It is also available in three different colours of Tan, Black and White.

7. EquiFit ShouldersBack Lite

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The White coloured ShouldersBack Lite is manufactured in the US by EquiFit. It has been designed by a team of orthopaedic experts, and offers balanced support to the body to improve the posture. It is a vest-like garment that can be easily worn using its adjustable straps made up of Velcro, which can be adjusted to change the amount of corrective force. You can use it while riding, as it pulls the shoulders backwards so that the body remains in the correct posture.

The best part of this brace is that it starts showing results even after wearing it for as little as an hour everyday. It retrains the back muscles to support the body and helps you in standing upright. There are seven size options available, and you can buy it from Amazon right now.

8. Deluxe Clavicle Support

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A product designed by the FLA Orthopaedics, this posture brace is specially designed for correcting clavicle problems. Weighing just 0.3 ounces, it is to be used by patients suffering from clavicle fractures, sprains and fibromyalgia. The brace is aimed at offering back, neck and shoulder support to the body.

Shoulder instability of the body can be cured using this one. This is because it pulls the shoulders back so that the clavicle can be aligned, and the body can get proper back support. The best feature of this brace is its extra-soft padding, which takes away moisture from the body and provides increased comfort. It has been constructed on the lines of the backpack style, which helps the user to work normally while he is wearing this brace.

9. Posture Corrective Brace

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The Posture Corrective Brace Beige is a product of FootSmart, and has the special ability to adapt to your shape and size to give the best fit. It is of the “over-the-shoulder” type and thus, holds the shoulders and the back in the best possible posture. Apart from helping you to stand absolutely straight, the brace adjusts itself according to your body movements, giving you the liberty of doing anything while wearing it.

It is made up 60% of polyester, 17% of rubber, 15% of nylon and 8% of cotton. The straps of the brace have easily adjustable hooks and loops to increase or decrease the amount of force. The brace also features a terry cloth protector that keeps it dry. It is available in two colour options of Beige and White.

10. IntelliSkin Empower Sports Bra Zip Large Black

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For women, the Empower Sports Bra by IntelliSkin is one of the best posture braces and helps correct the posture imbalances while improving the muscle fibre strength in the body. Weighing 12.8 ounces, this one is created by using a special fabric that is weaved together to give you the best comforting experience. It instantly helps you look taller by straightening the back, thereby balancing your body weight equally on both sides. Lifting your chest, it shifts the excess weight on your shoulders towards your back. This means that instead of slouching, your body now stands upright.

The zip used in the brace helps it fit perfectly to the body.

Notable Mentions:

11. Neo G Medical Grade Posture Correction

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Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device, this Medical Grade brace manufactured by Neo-G is specifically designed to correct clavicle problems. Its main purpose is to prevent early Kyphosis by correcting the posture of the lumbar spine and the dorsal. Its firm yet flexible design provides support for the muscles, ligaments and tendons, to correct everyday posture. The brace can also be helpful in easing the muscular spasms as it supports the soft tissues of the lumbar area, and distributes equal force over all of them.

Easy to be worn with everyday clothes, the brace is made up of breathable material and consists of adjustable straps and comforting arms pads. It proves to be of great help in curing the problem of rounded and slumped shoulders. It is available in 5 different size options on Amazon.

Choose a posture support brace that suits your needs

Posture braces serve different purposes, and helps you deal with aching shoulders and neck pains. It’s important to choose a brace that suits your needs, one that can help reduce stress on the spine. On the other front, if you’ve already suffered a spine injury, a it can help you relieve stress.

If you work in front of the computer a good many hours or have to be on the roads driving from morning to evening, you’re more likely to suffer from injuries that are aggravated by poor posture. Too many arm exercises can be a cause of injury too. These posture support braces can help you to accelerate the healing and recovery process easily and even improve your posture. Do not, however, rely entirely on your posture support brace as you can become dependent on it.

5 Ways to Improve your Posture

Bad posture is frequent among people who have desk jobs and not only. In the modern society, slouching is even more fashionable than keeping a straight back. However, there is a big difference between learning to feel comfortable with yourself when you know you don’t look perfect and not doing anything about your posture when you know it is bad for your health.

Scientists and physicians have been fighting bad posture since t
he ancient times, bringing various solutions to the public. Luckily, in today’s world, those who want to improve their posture have a variety of modern solutions at their disposal.

Acknowledging that you need to improve your posture is the first step towards actually doing something about it. Next, you must identify the best posture improvement method for your needs and start putting it in practice right away.

Here are 5 of the most popular ways to improve your posture:

  • Buy a posture brace

Today’s market is generous when it comes to posture braces. There are a variety of models that you can wear underneath your clothes when working, practicing sports or relaxing. Also, there are medical posture braces that are made of rougher materials. Those are the types of braces for which you would require a physician’s advice.

If you have upper and lower back pain because of your posture, as well as neck pain and shoulder pain and you still have to work long office hours, then such a brace could be of help on a long term.

  • Sit on an ergonomic chair

Ergonomic desk chairs make a huge difference when it comes to your physical comfort. If you have a desk job, sitting on a chair all day can be extremely tiring. Your back muscles can become very tight and the pain you feel only gets worse by the day. Ergonomic chairs are shaped in such a way that they sustain the most important parts of your back. Also, they have thick, comfortable cushioning that makes sitting a lot more bearable.

  • Adjust your computer screen

The main reason why your neck and upper back usually hurt is the way you slouch and bend your neck towards your computer screen. If you try to adjust your computer screen’s height, you will immediately notice that your neck, shoulders and upper back will feel more comfortable and relaxed. On a long term, the correct position of your head is very important.

  • Exercise

We know that your time is limited and that is probably the reason why you are reading this article right now. But the fact that you don’t have time to go to your local gym is not an excuse for your lack of exercise.

Build a stretching plan that you can follow during a working day and perform easy exercises that will help your muscles relax and become more powerful. If you make it a habit to stretch twice a day your posture will improve considerably over time.

  • Be aware of your posture by looking at your photograph

Ask a friend to take a picture of yourself while slouching or while having a strange posture at your desk. Place the photograph in a visible place or on your desktop to become aware of your posture. Try to straighten your back every time you see yourself in that picture.

Having a correct posture is important not only for pain alleviation, but also to improve the way you look and the way others see you. If you want to be a confident, good-looking person, start by improving your posture.